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Product Photography Gallery

Professional Product Photography for eCommerce.

Photography Production Workflow

1. Describe

Create a shot list for your products and give us all your ideas about the angles and specs to get an instant quote.

2. Ship to us

After receiving the quote,  you can ship your product to us or deliver it in person to our studio in Los Angeles, CA

3. Product Photography

After receiving the products, we will shoot them and made all required retouching and corrections. Also, we can make a test shot for quality checking.

4. Reviewing images

You will receive the snippets of product images and make all revisions that we can correct everything that needs to be improved.

5. Deliver Images

After the corrections, we will send you the download link with all ready-to-use product images. Upload them on your website, eCommerce platform.

6. Ship your products back

After photo-shooting and delivering images to you, We will send your products back.



BrightSides Creations developed a signature image look for the Harley Davidson fashion collection.

Our main goal was to establish consistency and create a unique stylish forms at the same time. We produced vivid images with some natural movements on the clothes to highlight the outgoing energy of the Harley Davidson brand.

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